“Mountains of Madness”
"Cathuria" was created in April 2010 with "Painter" (Metacreations) and Photoshop(Adobe, based on three photos of nano structures taken from an electron microscope.  Print: Piezo-Print on Somerset Velvet Size: Paper: 70x90 cm, Picture: 60x80 cm Copies: 10, numbered and signed, and 2 artist's copies (I-II) Price: 600.‒ Euros Artist: Björn Dämpfling
The title “Cathuria” was taken from H.P. Lovecraft. Using by intent all images given, intense and complex layering, coloring and "painting with filters", which means the pretty unorthodox use of filters for all but there intended way of application: this would describe the technical aspects. Structures defined through color and color structured in itself, with a clearly dominant yellow greenish color scale is what makes this image calm and eerie at the same time.