“Mountains of Madness”
"Tekeli-li" was created in August 2007 with "Painter" (Metacreations) and Photoshop(Adobe, based on a photo of a nano structure taken from an electron microscope.  Print: Piezo-Print on Somerset Velvet Size: Paper: 70x90 cm, Picture: 60x80 cm Copies: 10, numbered and signed, and 2 artist's copies (I-II) Price: 600.‒ Euros Artist: Björn Dämpfling
The three images „Kadath”, „Sarnath” and „Tekeli-li“,are based on one and the same photo of a nano structure. Their marked differences, most obvious concerning “Sarnath”, are not only based on color (the photo being black and white), though without a doubt, color plays a key role defining the first impression they make. “Tekeli-li” looks like an organic structure (green) fallen on molten lava, disintegrating, but not in a violent hurtful way, rather mysteriously calm or balanced, like “Kadath”, like the other side of the coin. The title “Tekeli-li” was taken from H.P. Lovecraft. It’s the last word in (“At the Moutains of Madness”)