“Der Zauberer” (The Wizard)
“Meine Schöne” (My Beauty)
“Kleiner Schreihals” (Little Screamer)
“Mr. Snow's World”
“Tagungsfrieden” (Peace at the Conference)
“Der Unternehmer” (The Entrepreneur)
“Das Waldschriftstück”
"Sibelius" was created using only "Painter" (Metacreations), December 1999.  Print: Piezo-Print on Hahnemühle German Etching Size: Paper: 80x80 cm, Picture: 68x68 cm Copies: 25, numbered and signed, and 5 artist's copies (I-V) Price: 600.‒ Euros Artist: Björn Dämpfling
In this case the history of the image title dates back to my childhood and thanks to a hint I now know the song in which these lines can be found “Which way walks Sibelius, which way lead his steps…. fate comes along”. I got the title wrong, the Hazy-Osterwald Sextett sings about some "Stifelius", though its melody, which was played many times by the radio station “Radio Bremen”, remains unforgettably in my mind. If "Stifelius" is just a mockery about the komposer "Sibelius" or some other real person I don't know yet. The only real link here is a deep sense of the uncanny, touching way more than explicit horror or scare, which didn’t impress me much, even as a small kid. But this little dark but guileless melody really did disquiet me, instilling the pleasure that an come with fear. Like this innermost image, for which enthusiasts may not be found easily. But it has got me. (I just want to note here, that I am talking only about feelings, because I completely lack any belief for the transcendental at all)