“Ick seh nur Nippel” (All I see are Nippels)
“Serotonin Tango”
“Der Rockstar” (The Rockstar)
“Die Lachnummer” (The Laughing Stock)
“Wake Up”
“Kinderspiel” (Child's Play)
“Die Unschuld” (The Innocence)
“From Outer Space”
“With Straws”
“Russisch Brot” (Russian Bread)
"Brookline" was created March - November 2008 It is based on a paper sketch 5-21-07, which I drew while waiting in front of Hartje Gallery in Brookline (Boston)  Print: Piezo-Print on Somerset Velvet Size: Paper: 56x76 cm, Picture: 44x66 cm Copies: 25, numbered and signed, and 5 artist's copies (I-V) Price: 475.‒ Euros Artist: Björn Dämpfling
In my view “Brookline” must be called expressive, even “explosive” so to speak. But the longer one looks at it, two other aspects become important, which are, at first sight, pushed back by the dominance of color, which is supported by the fact that many lines from the basic line sketch became just edges of color shapes. But even in this reduced appearance, the line structure, its strict composition as the backbone of this image, presents more and more a massive counterweight for the “detonating” colors. A second aspect the image develops the longer it is viewed is a certain enigmatic narrative, calming down the appearance like freezing a motion, like a freeze frame in a way. Now the onlooker may start the film again and see.