“Ick seh nur Nippel” (All I see are Nippels)
“Serotonin Tango”
“Der Rockstar” (The Rockstar)
“Die Lachnummer” (The Laughing Stock)
“Wake Up”
“Kinderspiel” (Child's Play)
“Die Unschuld” (The Innocence)
“From Outer Space”
“With Straws”
“Russisch Brot” (Russian Bread)
"Enigm.a" was created Jul. 07 - Sep. 07 with "Painter"(Metacreations). It is based on a sketch, date 10-07-07 (Lecture, WZB Berlin)  Size: Paper: 50x35 cm, Picture: 40x28 cm Copies: 25, numbered and signed, and 5 artist's copies (I-V) Price: 400.‒ Euros Artist: Björn Dämpfling
A very personal image, into which the artist himself, seems to be looking inquiringly, as does the figure at the bottom left of the image. Since it was drawn listening to the lecture of a dear friend, it had the working title “Konrad”. It was a complex lecture topic and the composition reflects this, but in working it out on the computer, differently from what was the case with “Charlie’s Empire,” here the context was left aside completely. One reason for that was the choice of a digital tool supposed to mimic oil paint. But similarly to what is true of “digital watercolors,” these digital oil colors have only a faint aesthetic resemblance to the real thing, and using them extensively instantly determines a certain “look”. It offers quite some intensity and luminosity, adding a touch of vagueness, but all in all never coming close to the degree of freedom real oils give for painting, so the results stay somewhat inbetween painting and graphics. This produces an unfamiliar appearance, quite fitting for an “Enigm.a”. I have been already asked about the special spelling of enigma and I have replied that I had a slip of the pen and then decided to keep it in the title. Who knows? It’s an “Enigm.a”.