“Ick seh nur Nippel” (All I see are Nippels)
“Serotonin Tango”
“Der Rockstar” (The Rockstar)
“Die Lachnummer” (The Laughing Stock)
“Wake Up”
“Kinderspiel” (Child's Play)
“Die Unschuld” (The Innocence)
“From Outer Space”
“With Straws”
“Russisch Brot” (Russian Bread)
“Die Unschuld” (The Innocence)
“Die Unschuld” (The Innocence)
"Die Unschuld" (The Innocence) was created Jan. 08 with "Painter"(Metacreations). It is based on a sketch, date 1-21-08 (Lecture, Hertie School Berlin).  Size: Paper: 50x35 cm, Picture: 42x27 cm Copies: 10, numbered and signed, and 2 artist's copies (I) Price: 400.‒ Euros Artist: Björn Dämpfling
This is in many respects a pretty unusual piece for me, and it should make all minimalists really happy. The sketch, done with black ink pen, was hardly touched after the scan. The colored spaces were uniformly filled in, so all depends on the situational liveliness of the pen stroke and the colors chosen. Though working digitally offers me limitless chances of “testing,” again that wasn’t the case. I still work as if I do it on paper and every stroke has to be the right one. That’s no constraint, since only someone who doesn’t know better may think that one could find these colors through “experimentation“. That can happen in part, but for myself, I can only say that I have never “thought” about a color to choose, while my art producing “it” does this process in all necessary complexity, so I either can instantly set the colors and they are right, or something tells me “hands off” and I wait sometimes hours, days, weeks or even longer, until my “art processors” have done their work. Since working with the computer, experimenting implies no lethal danger for the images, I do it once in a while, but concerning a given image I never got anything productive out of this. Sometimes, being frustrated, I took spontaneous action, doing things not planned at all, and this was a way out, or completely new images resulted from this. But there are no systematic ways for reaching such goals that I could teach myself or that could be taught to others. On the other hand, killing the image is easy, just put your thumb over the little, intensely red square next to the green arrow in the upper right corner and half of the charm of “The Innocence” is gone. Think of the same intense red filling the triangle at the upper border, and the image is dead.