“Der Stadtklingone” (The City Klingon)
“Hey Diddle Diddle..”
“The Sorcerer”
“Das Auge” (The Eye)
“The Abyss”
“The Gatlings”
“The Toy General”
“Seinsgeweide” (Intestines of Being)
“Der Besucher” (The Visitor)
“The Future of the Past”
“Indian Country”
“Der Geometer” (The Geometer)
“My Sentimental Robot”
“Nightly Faces”
“Anderwelt” (Other World)
“The Critic:Risking an Eye”
“Fischtraum” (Dream of the Fish)
“Der Poet” (The Poet)
“In Vino”
“Japanischer Winter” (Japanese Winter)
“Man Made”
"Evolution" was created using only "Painter" (Metacreations), July - November 1999.  Size: Paper: 50x50 cm, Picture: 33x33 cm Copies: 95, numbered and signed, and 5 artist's copies (I-V) Price: 575.‒ Euros Artist: Björn Dämpfling
The Title of this image was chosen in hindsight, as is true formost of my works. My files usually get a working title, which very often has nothing to do with the result. This image started with the head in the center and I recall that all of a sudden I thought “looks like Darwin’s ape” and on I went with the drawing, forgetting this thought. Seems my art producing Freudian “It” didn’t do the same and while I was drawing the redheaded figure on the left, dispersing letters, I realized that three of the letters I had instinctively chosen were letters representing the DNA code. So I consciously chose the fourth letter to make it perfect and at that point the image got its title: “Evolution”. Though trained as a social scientist my interest in the natural sciences has never faded, since I was contemplating for a while in my high school days to study biochemistry and it looks like “Evolution” reflects this in a creative manner.