“Der Stadtklingone” (The City Klingon)
“Hey Diddle Diddle..”
“The Sorcerer”
“Das Auge” (The Eye)
“The Abyss”
“The Gatlings”
“The Toy General”
“Seinsgeweide” (Intestines of Being)
“Der Besucher” (The Visitor)
“The Future of the Past”
“Indian Country”
“Der Geometer” (The Geometer)
“My Sentimental Robot”
“Nightly Faces”
“Anderwelt” (Other World)
“The Critic:Risking an Eye”
“Fischtraum” (Dream of the Fish)
“Der Poet” (The Poet)
“In Vino”
“Japanischer Winter” (Japanese Winter)
“Man Made”
“Nightly Faces”
“Nightly Faces”
"Nightly Faces" was created using for 95% of the image only "Painter" (Fractal Design/Metacreations), on a scanned paper background (less than 5% left), July-Sep. 2003.  Print: Piezo-Print on Somerset Velvet Size: Paper: 112x76 cm, Picture: 91x66 cm Copies: 25, numbered and signed, and 5 artist's copies (I-V) Price: 675.‒ Euros Artist: Björn Dämpfling
„Nightly Faces“ resulted from the nearly complete „digital“ over painting of a scanned paper image I had done with chalk on such an ugly piece of paper, that I did not want to show it. Because it was a great image I did not throw it away and as I got the chance of its rebirth by digital means I decided to over paint completely in order to create a really new version: with identical visual content but with the exception of minimal parts of the scanned paper background left untouched, a fully digital version of the image was born.